Friday, October 3, 2008


So I found this piece of paper on my brother's desk. It's titled; HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF HOMEWORK SO...IT DOESN'T CONTROL YOU! JUST DO IT!

Okay, I know I'm not the first person to say this, but... I absolutely DETEST homework. My rant, however, is not about how much I hate homework. This is about the piece of paper. I could find a good argument against everything on that sheet.

I will quote some more;

The following are some tips to get more out of homework:

Set the mood -- Create a quiet study area with all the material you need.

'Create a quiet study area...' Everyone has their own different needs. Some people need quiet places to do their work efficiently. I am NOT one of those people. I absolutely HAVE to have background noise; music, construction sounds... ANYTHING as long as it isn't silence.

'...with all the material you need.' I, personally, find it hard to believe that people think that I'm going to remember everything I'm supposed to bring home. Heck, I walk into rooms and forget why! It's always possible that one has forgotten something.

Know where to begin -- Make a prioritized list of everything you need to do, so you can't use the 'I don't know where to start' excuse.

I am not that organized. Some people are, some aren't. I don't know anyone who uses the 'I don't know where to start' excuse. I've never used it (at least, not with homework...) and I can function very well without a list, notes, and, for that matter, HOMEWORK!

Don't overschedule yourself -- Remember that there are only 24 hours in a day, and you have to sleep...

I have never had that problem. I like to sleep (as my mom could tell you. Check her out at . Hers is a lot cooler than mine) and I'm fairly lazy by nature (and I am currently working on that so it doesn't go into excess). I'm not saying that I slack off in everything, I'm just saying that I give only as much effort as is needful, and no more (except in math. THEN I slack off)

Study every day -- Even if you don't have homework, use the time to review notes or read! If homework is something you accept as part of your day, you will approach it with less dread.

NOT TRUE!!! FALSE!! WHOEVER SAID THAT HAS A RAPIDLY GROWING NOSE!! I accepted homework a long time ago, and (when I was still in the school system) I STILL dreaded going home and being nagged by my mom to 'just get it over with.'

Just a random fact; I rarely ever study for tests and stuff, and I, as a rule, do just fine. I'm perfectly satisfied with anything over an 80. I don't need to have the highest scores on the ACT to feel good about myself, partly because, as I said earlier, I'm not exactly an overachiever. I also happen to LOVE reading. I don't have to be forced, or even asked to read, because I'm usually already reading! (For instance, I'm reading a good book called 'I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You' by Ally Carter. It's got spies and secrecy and stuff, and it's well written, too!)

Keep assignments in perspective -- Know how much weight each assignment carries and use your time accordingly.

Not much of a problem with that. Only the super hardworking students have to be asked not to do too much. Let me reiterate my prior point; I am kind of lazy by nature. I will not do any more than is needful unless I personally benefit. I also know how to divide my time evenly. I can do THAT math.

Get more involved -- Did you ever feel like you can't stay awake to read something, let alone understand it? To keep your mind from wandering, take notes, underline sections, discuss your reading with something else, or relate your homework to what you are studying in another class.

That doesn't help; the note-taking, the underlining, the discussions... NONE OF IT!! Sometimes, you just need a break, and the best way to do that, for me, is to write about something. I love writing almost as much as I love to read.

Organize the information -- People process information in different ways. Some people draw charts or pictures to digest, to organize, to make sense of information; other people like to read aloud. Do whatever works for you!

There are three kinds of people in this world; the listeners, the readers, and the talkers. The talkers get very little done, and the ones who talk the most with the least amount of truth usually end up going into politics or acting. (And I hate the former; both the politics and the ones who get involved (meaning the politicians)) The readers need to look at the information in writing or in pictures. The listeners usually remember best the things they hear, so they read the information out loud. I'm not a psychiatrist; I can't tell you why some people have certain ways that they need to intake information, but I can tell you that the paper spoke true in this area; people process information in different ways.

Take advantage of any free time -- If you have a long bus ride or ride to soccer, use the time to review notes, prepare for an upcoming test, or start your homework.

Believe me; I take advantage of free time. Mostly. Usually, I draw or read. But I'm homeschooled. So I can't say much. My friend, however, has very little spare time, especially during the school year. Mostly because of her incessant homework.

Study with a friend -- Some people work well with a Study Buddy. If studying with someone is not too distracting for you, get together with classmates to quiz yourself, compare notes, and predict test questions.

I have no classmates. I am homeschooled. With my brother. Who is two grades below me. So he's not much help. Even if he does understand math better than I do. Speaking of my brother, I'll probably rant about him tomorrow.
My definition of studying with a friend is to invite the aforementioned friend, who is a senior, over and ask her to help me with my math. It works. She's a good teacher. But, she has very little spare time, like I said. So she hasn't come over recently.

Celebrate your achievements -- Reward yourself for accomplishments! For example, when you finish your math, get a snack or go shoot a few basketballs.

Most people reward themselves for good deeds done. It goes without saying that things should be rewarded.

Stay for tutoring -- If you need help with your homework, stay after school for tutoring.

Most people have better things to do with their time than to stay after school learning lessons that the teacher should have taught them in class. I'm not saying anything about the intelligence of anyone. I'm just saying that most people have things they'd rather do.

I'll continue my rant some other time. I'm running out of steam.

Later, readers!

--The Lioness


lotusloq said...

I love the line that says most people "have better things to do with their time than to stay after school learning lessons that their teacher should have taught them in class."

It's so true. They've been at school all day. Couldn't they have learned it then? After school should be the time they get to do the things they enjoy like karate or basketball...more than just a few shots. Come on people let the kids have time to play! It's actually good for them. Exercise helps fight obesity. Homework encourages it.

Lioness said...


One more thing...


Ahem, that was David. But he's right.


The Pixiedust Princess said...

I'm sorry to say that I totally have to disagree. I belive that homework is completely necessary to making the grade in school and that it helps you remember what you learned in school, esspecially for those of us who are STILL IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM. Anyway, I think that it's important to study as hard as you can so that you can do your absolute best in school and get into a good college and therefore get a good job and be successful in life.

lizzy-beth said...

Sorry, Emi chan, but this is untrue. There is absolutely NO scientific evidence that homework contributes in any amount to the learning of any child before middle school.