Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Make Room

I was talking to Mom the other day in the car, and the topic of being someone else came up.  It was a very interesting conversation.

So I asked her why someone would want to be anyone other than themselves, and Mom said that people in this society seem to think that if they pretend to be someone else they'll fit in better. So I replied in a rare moment of genius, "It seems to me that if you don't fit in, true friends will move over to make room for you." Mom commented on that remark; something about how wise that had sounded. (Heehee, this pleases me!)

Of course, since I'd found some wise philosophy, I knew I just HAD to share it with all three of my followers! (and all of those who don't follow...)

And then I forgot...

And then I remembered, and then I typed it up here...

And now you're reading it!

What else, what else...

Oh yeah!

In this society, there are many unspoken rules as to who 'fits in' and who doesn't. If you want to find true friends, you first should be yourself and see who decides to hang around you!

So be yourself, make good friends and eat healthy foods! Learn how to make dinner, be nice to your parents/spouse and do many many favors for your friends! Give, said the little stream! And send me cookies! (Cake works too. Most all sweets, as long as there aren't any nuts or peanut butter.)

This post dedicated to
Cause I have a really pretty scarf from there!
I wanna wear it someday, but I don't have anything that goes with it!
I'll have to ask Mom for help on that one...
To Mormon get-togethers and green Jell-o
To cakes of all kinds
Like cheesecake and chocolate cake and ice cream cake and--mmph!
*David slams hand over mouth*
Dave: They get it already!
Me: *nods* MmhmmhmhmhmHMMM!
Dave: What? *removes hand*
Me: *gasp* Now stop, I can't BREATHE!!
To good friends
cuz they rock!
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--the Lioness
Peace love and all that jazz!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally, what you've all been waiting for...



Aaaand, here it is!

The text reads;
Seven Failed Attempts part 1
(Note, the boy's name is Ryojin, and he simply cannot defeat Kai, his female rival, at ANYTHING, not even his specialty, Duel Monsters.  However, she refuses to have anything to do with him!  The poor boy has decided that he will not rest until he has beaten Kai at SOMETHING!)
Ryojin: I must duel Kai! But first...
Ryojin: I have to wake her UP!!!
First try: Ryojin: KAI!!  I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!!
Kai sleeps on
Second try: Ryojin: (In case you can't tell, he's tickling her nose with a feather)
Kai sleeps on
Third try: Ryojin: He he he... (Bangs cymbals)
Kai sleeps on
Next page!
Seven Failed Attempts part 2
Fourth try: Ryojin: THE ISLAND IS SINKING!!
Fifth try: Ryojin is, in case you couldn't tell, about to pop that balloon...
POP!  Sleeping...
Sixth try: Ryojin: THE DORM IS ON FIRE!! (Note, they are at a boarding school for young duelists, Duel Academy)
(Note, the bottom of this one got cut off... scanner nu baka...)
Seventh try: Ryojin (thinking): Is she even alive? (And then he pokes her)
Next page!
Seven Failed Attempts page 3
Ryojin: THAT'S IT! I GIVE UP!!
Akiko: (note, she is ridiculously cheerful, and she is Kai's roommate) What's wrong, Ryojin? Ryojin: I want to duel Kai, but she won't wake up!
Akiko: Is that all? I'll wake her up for you! Ryojin: Really... Akiko: Yup! Watch this!
Akiko removes the straw from Kai's mouth
Kai: Akiko! What'd you do that for? It was getting really funny!
Ryojin: WAAAAAAAAH!!! Kai: ... Akiko: HAHAHA!!
My avatar, Amaya Nari: (note, she is not in the comic, she is just expressing how I felt after completing the comic) BWAHAHA!!!!
Kai's thoughts: THE END
And you can't see it, cuz it got cut off in the scan, but I put my signature at the bottom.

Well, I've been working on this post for THREE DAYS (I know, ridiculous) so I'd say it's about time to wrap it up with (datataTA!!) the DEDICATION!!!

This post dedicated to
the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh GX
for providing Duel Academy
to Ryojin
May he never cease to amuse me!
to Akiko
May she never cease to be cheerful!
and to Kai
May she continue to skip class and ignore Ryojin!
To David, alias Small One
Because this work would not have been possible without him!
and to Maggie, alias Cho (butterfly in Jap)
The comic's ending wouldn't have been so funny without her!
To my faithful writing tools
My pencil, my mechanical pencil, my eraser and my fine-point Sharpie
for helping me finish it!
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