Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Magnets!

A few days ago, the home teachers (for those of you non-Mormons out there, that's people who come and teach a lesson on a topic that the bishop gives them) came over and talked to us (my family) about harmony in the family. I had an idea in the middle of the discussion that families are like magnets!

Now, before I go on, I'd like to tell you a bit about my family.

First, there's my daddy, Rick. He's over fifty, and his once black hair has given way to salt-and-pepper. A lot of salt. Not so much pepper. He's a businessman who does finance. He's also on the High Council (for those of you non-Mormons out there, it means he goes around to different church buildings in our area and talks to the congregation) and has been on and off for as long as I can remember. He has had different callings before, but whatever. He's been on the High Council a lot.

Then there's my mom, Lois. She's forty-three, but, unlike my father, her grey hair is kind of rare. (either that or her blonde hair disguises the grey) She's a stay at home mom, but her unlisted job is to keep us, her kids, on the right path. (and to nag us about whatever homework we've left undone. Mom would say that that falls under keeping us on the right path, but I disagree.) She's actually into the writing business, and is looking for an agent. She's really good, and no I'm not biased. (But nobody tell her that, cause I'll just deny it.)
Sometimes, though, I swear she can read my mind. It's uncanny. We'll be talking, and then we'll say the same thing at the same time, or we'll get the same idea... And I finish her sentences. I'm very rarely wrong, in all honesty. (seriously, it's kind of scary)

My older sister, Chelsea, is in college. When I was younger, I thought she was perfect. She's pretty, kind, and smart. Ack! Speaking of Chelsea, I forgot that I promised her I'd e-mail her a story I'm working on! Bad me!
Okay, now that that's done... BACK TO CHELSEA!!
She has brown hair with natural highlights, and I think her eyes are supposed to be hazel, but they change, sort of. She tans really well (jealous) and she's really good at math (still jealous). Last I heard, she's planning to go into pharmacy, but I've heard some doubts in that statement, so I guess I'll just have to see! :)

Then there's me. I'm Elizabeth. I'm homeschooled, and in eighth grade. I play the cello and the banjo (the ban-cello, because I hold it like a cello). I write stories, this blog, and I love to draw and sing. I have red hair, blue eyes, and a lot of freckles. I take karate (bad guys beware!), Japanese (with my bro), and I'm in the church choir. I don't tan AT ALL (sighs), but I'm trying to avoid feeling bad about that. It isn't something I can change.
I try to be the peacemaker between my two younger siblings, but some days... I wonder why I get out of bed. (and trust me, I put it off as long as possible)

My favorite brother is David. (he argues that he's my only brother, but that doesn't matter, right?) He's in sixth grade, and is being homeschooled, effective last Monday. He doesn't play any instruments, and he's more math-inclined than word-inclined. He is, however, beginning to learn that reading is NOT torture, as homework had once caused him to believe. He has a very good voice, (you didn't hear it from me) and he's about to turn twelve and receive the Aaronic Priesthood. (Sniff) I don't want my baby brother to get older, mostly because he'll get taller than me... (sob) He has brown hair, brown eyes, scattered freckles and a pretty nice permatan. He's taking Japanese with me. Progress is pretty slow so far, but I'm using Japanese words with him in daily conversation. Besides, he's only had one lesson! Plus, he wasn't watching Japanese anime with English subs, thus picking up some of the more common words. (like oneesan, oniisan, okaasan, and many others.)

My baby sister, Maggie, is turning eight in November. I'm hoping that she undergoes a magical maturing process, but I'm not seeing that happening any time soon. Sometimes, I swear she's still five or six. She has red hair and brown eyes. She can tan, sort of, but she has to burn first. She's in second grade. People think we look a lot alike. I'm here to assure you that this is NOT the case. She and I have a lot of differences.
She's very hyper and girly, and she enjoys a multitude of feminine hobbies, like fingernail polish, hair stuff, and playing with dolls. She loves the spotlight. (I hate it. All those people staring at me... shiver) I don't know which way she's inclined academic wise, but whatever. There's one more thing, though. Maggie is very cute. One of my friends constantly compares her to a little porcelain doll. However, she has powers of annoyingness that Hilary Clinton can't even imagine. I love her, but she should stop trying to hug me so much. I'll let her know if I want her to hug me.

Right, so what was my post supposed to be about...? Oh, right! Magnets!

So, people are like magnets. Why? I shall explain.

Well, imagine two magnets. Their polarity matches, and they're attracted to each other. They stick together. Well, imagine that one of the magnets turns around! They go shooting away from each other, and only by reversing to polarity can they be stuck together again.
Imagine two people, a boy and a girl. They like each other, and they're "stuck together." Imagine that one of them does something stupid, and the "polarity" changes. Now that they're disagreeing, they avoid each other. Imagine that the one whose "polarity" changed decided that he's in the wrong, and changes himself. His polarity goes back to normal, and, assuming that the girl's "polarity" hasn't changed, they will get along again.
More object lessons! On a refrigerator, there is a piece of paper that you're trying to use a single magnet to hold up. The paper is too heavy, and the magnet can't hold it up alone. So, what do you do? You get more magnets! One by one, you put the magnets on the paper until it stop sliding down. All of those magnets are working together to hold up your paper.
Families need to support each other and work together, or the whole paper goes sliding down the fridge. I know it's a pretty lame analogy, but I was thinking about it at the time.

Be warned! The randomness SHALL PREVAIL!!!

This post is dedicated to:
my brother
who shall soon receive the ordinances of the Priesthood
and also to
my sister
May she always retain her spark, though others may pour water on her!
And to my other sister
May she succeed in whatever she puts her mind to!
And to my parents
Rick and Lois
who've always loved me, despite my laziness
And to all of my friends
cuz no one can stop the awesomeness!
--the Lioness

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