Friday, January 7, 2011

These Are the Days of Our Lives

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, but… I've gone longer, haven't I? ^_^;;

Other than that which shall not be named, life's pretty good.

It occurs to me just how much I dislike high school. I'm not gonna say it's pointless or worthless. I'm just gonna say that if these are the best years of my life, I'm getting a refund.

As far as I'm concerned, it's not going to be these crazy, hormonally charged, hectic, experimental, scary teenage years that will make me the happiest when I'm 64 with grandkids and a cat named Bast.

The minutes I'll use to smile at people will give me friends.

The hours I'll spend drawing the perfect picture will give me satisfaction.

The days that I'll be feeling overstretched, tired and helpless, but I get up anyway will give me pride.

The weeks I'll spend studying will give me knowledge.

The 9 months before each of my children and grandchildren are born will give me my legacy.

The 18 months that I'll spend preaching the gospel to those who want to hear it will give me honor.

The years that I'll spend with my parents, siblings, cousins, husband and children will give me joy.

And the life I'll spend wearing my faith like a medal of honor will give me peace and happiness.

One of my favorite feelings in the world (though it's not always obvious) is right after I've finished something that I've been working hard on. When the result is pleasing to me and to others, it makes me smile, because I know that I've accomplished something. I'm exhausted, and I'm probably a little hungry, but I've done something worth doing, and that makes me smile.

My advice to anyone who wants to hear it is this; don't forget how horrible high school was just so that you can say that they were the best years of your life, because I can tell you, they probably weren't. Decide that this year will be the best year yet, and it will be.

So, here's to 2011! May this year be great!

This post is dedicated
To 2011
(That is SO weird)
To new calendars
Sorry about the fit, Mom!
To resolutions
New Year's best friend
To Queen
(Check the title~)
To the missionaries
To my wonderful family
To the friends I haven't seen in awhile
To the friends I see every day
And to the time I have to spend with all of them
I love all of you very much
Don't ever forget it!
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—The Lioness


lotusgirl said...

I love you. I'm so glad you see and feel the joy of a job well done. It's one of my favorite feelings

rachel-ra said...

mwahahaha! I figured out how to comment! (special, I know, I know
but, anyway, I wanted to say, I really liked your insight, and I'm totally gonna quote you someday (more like, I already have and will continue to) don't worry, I always give credit where credit is due. I love this: "Decide that this year will be the best year yet, and it will be." & I love you (: