Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ever randomly get the urge to just be... random? Well, I did!

Greetings, and welcome, readers!  I have an important announcement to make... drumroll, please!

Today is my oneesama's 20th birthday!  I love you, Chelsea!  You're soooooo amazing, I feel compelled to call you sama (Japanese suffix indicating great respect, usually used in reference to nobility or wise people) (What I'm basically saying is 'Most respected big sister')

So, my oneesama's birthday aside...

My otoutochan's 12th birthday is coming up, and I got him the sweetest present ever!  Can anyone say; "Sonic Unleashed!"?  (Chan= Japanese suffix indicating a younger person, generally female.  Chan is generally used affectionately towards younger siblings, or small children) (What I'm basically saying is 'BABY brother!')

I promise that I will post funny comics up here next time I post, but I was honestly quite distracted, and I'm currently wrapping up the third page of the comic I'm going to scan up here, called Seven Failed Attempts...  Most of it takes place in chibi form, which is half the fun, but my OC is hard to draw in chibi, but David's?  Not so much.

But still, I'm not letting myself draw anything else, and it's killing my brain!  *Stabs brain...  Realizes how crucial the brain is to life...  Uhhhhhh...  Silly me!*

Anyway, I'm really not supposed to still be on here, *SHHH!* so I'll wrap this up.

What time is it?

DEDICATION TIME!!!  (You didn't really expect me to go all HM2 on you, did you?)

This post dedicated to
My oneesama!
Because she's just amazing like that
And to my otoutochan
Because he's small and annoying
But I love him anyway! =^-^=
To the makers of Sonic Unleashed
Because I got excited just WATCHING it be played!
Who knew I could actually get excited?
And over a video game, no less!
And to Seven Failed Attempts
(I need a comic vacation... -_-)
(Gomen, random voice in my head...)
And to the inventors of the scanner
Brought to you by
Blogger through Gmail
--the Lioness


lotusgirl said...

You are hilarious! Stab not the brain! Happy B'day to Chelsea!

Nice Japanese lesson today.

I'm looking forward to seeing that comic on here.

Lioness said...

Good, cuz you're getting one, whether you want one or not!