Sunday, December 7, 2008

Catch Me If You Can!

Has anyone here ever heard Catch Me If You Can (Zero Gravity Mix) by Runblebee? I'm going to blather about that until I get bored.

I think that the song has a bit of a desperate edge to it. This is the mental storyline for the song that I have created.

The guy singing it (for my purposes we shall call him Run) is known as the fastest guy around. He has a tough guy rep, but deep down, Run is lonely, and wants to find a competitor who can keep up with him. In order to do that, he's calling out to all the racers around the globe. However, since he's very confident, he's putting his plea a little snidely. So his call is "Catch me if you can!"

Since I've decided that this post will be about speed, I'll tell you the dictionary definition of the word!

Speed (verb) To make haste; to move, work, or take place faster. (noun) the act or state of moving swiftly; swiftness or rate of performance or action.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be so fast that the world moves in slow motion? Well, (and I'm sorry for all the song analogies) the song The Ballad of Barry Allen by Jim's Big Ego describes it perfectly!

For those of you who don't already know, Barry Allen is the Flash! dun dun dun! (I like Wally West's Flash better, but that's just me!) Since he's so fast, everything else around him is in slow motion. He has apparently decided to write a song about his troubles. It starts out like this...

I've got time to think about the beauty of a thousand variations of the beating of the wing of a hummingbird suspended in the aspect of a world moving slower than molasses as I'm off to catch the girl who's falling off the bridge...

Basically, he's lonely because he's so fast, and he has a hard time talking to people because everything "takes so long, seems so slow." He'll "be there before you know it, [he'll] be gone before you see [him]!" "Do you think you can imagine anything so lonely?"

However, there are fringe benefits! After all, he's faster than Superman! (at least, I think he is!)

Does anyone really think about the bad sides of superpowers? After all, even Superman has his Kryptonite! (Seriously, he keeps a sample of every Kryptonite he's ever come into contact with!) Like with superstrength; you would never be able to exert your full strength on anything. With shape-shifting, what if you forgot what you looked like? With mindreading, you could accidentally "hear" about your surprise party! We've already gone over superspeed...

Plus, you'd always be worried about accidentally revealing your powers to everyone, getting experimented on, losing control... (I could go on for days, here!)

Maybe being just a mere mortal isn't so bad, after all!

This post is getting a little long, so I'll wrap this up. (besides, Mom's been nagging at me all day to empty the dishwasher, and I still haven't done it! ^-^;;)

So, blahbadiblah inner strength blahbadiblah power of the heart blahbadiblah and all of that blahbadiblah cheesy soap opera junk that everyone is embarrassed to listen to.

This post dedicated to
Dr. Awesome, the orchestra director
For living up to his nickname
To Pablo Casals
For becoming my latest hero
To the Flash!
For partially inspiring this post
And to Runblebee
For inspiring the other half!
This post brought to you by
Blogger through Gmail
--the Lioness
P.S. Catch me if you can!


lotusloq said...

my verification word is "poterat" it is so close to the latin for "she had been able to" "potuerat" that I had to say something. Because "she could" catch you if she would. haha!

Anywho. I love the idea of the superhero powers having downsides. Maybe it is better just to be human. Interesting songs.

lotusloq said...

whats up cuz i heard you were taking karate i take jujutsu maay be we could have a fight to the death kidd ing oh and i love the stuff on your blog its me taylor merry christmas